Mathematics Intent

Alma Park’s Mathematics curriculum begins in EYFS. This foundation in Maths is based on key learning for Number and Numerical patterns, as laid out in Development Matters and The Statutory Framework for the Early Years (Nursery and Reception). Children in EYFS have the opportunity to use a range of Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approaches and participate in The Mastery of Number Programme from the NCETM. The National Curriculum for Mathematics (Yr1 – 6) provides the skill and knowledge progression foundations that are then built on to provide a purposeful progression of knowledge, skills and vocabulary. This ensures that the National Curriculum end points are met.

Our pupils are given a breadth of experience to develop their understanding of themselves as individuals within their community and also as members of a wider global community and as numerate citizens. Pupils build on their knowledge and skills in different areas of Mathematics, such as place value, the four number operations, fractions/decimals and percentages, geometry, measures and statistics. This ensures they make excellent progress over their time at Alma Park, developing a secure sense of number as keen and skilled mathematicians who can use and apply mathematical skills and strategies to support learning across the entire curriculum, confidently and safely.

The Mathematics curriculum gives pupils life skills to enable them to become keen, confident and skilled mathematicians who are curious about Mathematics and understand the importance of Mathematics in their everyday lives. Alma Park has developed their own plans for each year group. This provides opportunities to support the mastery of key Mathematical skills for arithmetic, combining the different strands of the National Curriculum and ensuring progression. By teaching Mathematics in discrete lessons and with purposeful links to other curriculum areas, pupils develop confidence and proficiency with number, mental strategies to support depth of understanding and a positive approach to investigations and problem solving. Through the use of concrete apparatus and pictorial representations, children are supported with Mathematical understanding prior to using abstract strategies. Opportunities for discussion support both the understanding and development of mathematical language which can be use appropriately to reason and explain and to stimulate curiosity, challenge thinking and embed children’s learning.

As a UNICEF Rights Respecting School Mathematics is delivered in a safe and inspiring environment which nurtures children’s talents, allowing them to thrive so that when they leave Alma Park they are responsible, active citizens. Mathematics at Alma Park promotes and encourages sustainability in various ways including: data collection and analysis relating to recycling, water usage, electricity consumption, modes and means of travel and statistical information relating to traffic and travel. Diversity is embraced through providing opportunities rooted in other cultures and place, including learning about number systems used by other countries, exploring the use of mathematical language and how it is a universal language used worldwide, number systems and mathematical thinking from other cultures, recipes from different cultures, shape/symmetry/repeated patterns in art/buildings from other cultures/periods of history/religious objects/buildings, use of tables/charts/grids from a range of cultural experiences e.g. sports/ cinema/theatre.

At Alma Park we are always looking for opportunities to develop our curriculum and this involves seeking enrichment activities for our pupils using local community links, such as fundraising, surveys on ways to come to school, collections for charities, links with cluster schools.

“Celebrating Difference, Achieving Together”