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Miss Clark

Meet the Team

Miss Clark, Mrs Waugh and Mrs Marsh

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Welcome to Nursery! We recognise that Nursery is an important milestone for children and their families. We look forward to working in partnership with you throughout the year, supporting your child on the first step of their academic journey. Our Nursery is a nurturing and caring environment, with rich opportunities for children to play, explore, and develop their independence.

Here, you can find out what is happening in Nursery each half term. You can use this information to discuss with your child what they have learned and continue to support their learning at home.


What's happening this half term?


  • Sorting by colour, size or item
  • Looking at things that are the same and different
  • Joining in with rhymes up to 5
  • Looking at different patterns
  • Reciting numbers to 5


Talk for Writing unit: Happy To Be Me by Emma Dodd

  • Learning how to hold a mark making tool to create lines and shapes.
  • Giving meaning to the marks I make
  • Hearing and identifying sounds
  • Blending letter sounds to hear words

: Happy to be me

We will be learning about each other and our differences. We will use mirrors to see what colour our eyes and hair are. The children will be making self-portraits that we can display in our classroom.

We will talk about people who help us in school like the lunch time staff, the headteacher, and class teachers, as well as people in our daily lives such as parents, grandparents and siblings.

We will begin to explore people who help us with regards to our health such as the dentist, doctors and nurses.

We will look at changes in our local environment as summer turns to autumn. For example: leaves changing colour and the weather becoming cooler.

Reading books:

In class we are currently reading stories about friendship and feelings. Once all the children are settled we will send a reading book home. More information will follow.


Our yellow brain builder books are given out each Tuesday. They can be returned to school when the work is complete.

Spare clothes:

Each child in Nursery has their own tray. They are learning to keep their belongings in it. Please make sure you send in a spare set of clothes in a bag that we can hang on your child's peg.


Learning to become independent is central to children’s development in Early Years. To help your child become independent, please encourage them to put their own coat on, wash their hands, and begin to tidy away their toys.

Nursery: Celebrations and Enrichments items

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“Celebrating Difference, Achieving Together”