Transition describes the movement that takes place from one familiar setting to another. There are three key transitions that will take place throughout your child’s life in school:

  • Early years to primary school
  • Primary to secondary school
  • Secondary school to college, university, or work

Transition can be a stressful time for children, as they learn to adapt to new routines, environments, and people. At Alma Park, we strive to ensure that children are fully supported throughout their transition, giving them the confidence to embrace this new life chapter and take on further challenges in the future.

We aim to:

  • Promote the smooth transition of children at the start of each new setting
  • Prevent and alleviate stress
  • Promote the continuity of teaching and learning

Our policy and practice has been adapted to support children in settling into their new learning environment in preparation for future learning and development.

Part of this process includes:

  • Previsits to the child’s new class
  • Meet the teacher sessions
  • Whole school transition morning
  • Stay and play mornings
  • Playtimes in new setting
  • Pupil passports