Year 1 2023 - 2024

Mrs MacNeill

Mrs Chantrell

Meet the team

1M - Mrs MacNeill, Mrs Bousie and Ms Wheeler

1C - Mrs Chantrell and Mrs Gomez

If you have any questions, please speak to one of our Year 1 staff or email


Welcome to Year 1! Year 1 is an exciting time, as children move away from child-led learning and begin to learn from the National Curriculum. As we adapt to new timetables and routines, we work together as a class to meet challenges with confidence and celebrate our achievements.

This half term:


  • Secure place value within 20
  • Addition and subtraction to 20
  • Counting in 10s


Talk for Writing unit: An adventure about a lost teddy!

  • Write correctly punctuated sentences and include adjectives.


How we have changed. We are looking at the similarities and differences between what we can do now, what we look like and our interests compared to being a baby or toddler.

Knowledge Organiser


Forces. We are exploring how things around us move.

Knowledge Organiser

Design & Technology:

Constructing a playground. We are exploring free-standing structures to design and build our own playground equipment.

Knowledge Organiser


We are focusing on logging on, using the keyboard and the mouse. Then we will use these skills to make a celebration card.

Religious Education:

Who is a Christian and what do they believe? We will look at which objects are special in the Christian faith and how Christians worship.

Knowledge Organiser


Respecting ourselves and others, and keeping safe. We will be learning what it means to care for myself and others.


Using our bodies to make a beat. We are looking at keeping a beat and beginning to play the African Drums.


Remember to come into school wearing your PE kit on the following days.

  • Outdoor Games - Wednesday

    We are learning all about travelling with a ball and ball control. Outdoor games are delivered by an external coach.

Kit: Trainers, black shorts or tight-fitting black leggings, and a plain white t-shirt (a tracksuit top and joggers may be worn if cold)

  • Gymnastics - Thursday

We are looking at creating a sequence and high/low levels.

            Kit: Black shorts or tight-fitting black leggings and a plain white t-shirt.


In class we are currently reading stories about diversity and families.

 All Are welcome book.jpgWe are family book.jpg

Please read with your child every day. You can access their guided reading text through the Collins E-Book app in addition to reading for pleasure.


Spellings will be sent out every week on Friday, which children will learn for a spelling test on the following Friday.

This half term's BrainBuilder can be found here

Year 1: Celebrations and Enrichments items

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“Celebrating Difference, Achieving Together”