Healthy Schools & Wellbeing

Schools play a key role in supporting the health and wellbeing of children and young people. We recognise how our school can help children to become happier, healthier, and more ready to learn and achieve their full potential. Investing in health is paramount to help pupils achieve their best.

Alma Park is wholeheartedly committed to the Healthy Schools' Agenda. We strive to meet and exceed all expectations with regard to PSHE, Physical Activity, Emotional Health & Wellbeing and Healthy Eating.

As a Healthy School, we aim to promote physical and mental wellbeing by equipping pupils and staff with the understanding, skills and attitudes to make informed decisions about their health. We believe that pupils should be given a voice to influence whole-school decisions, creating a positive environment in which they can flourish. Our whole-school approach also involves every other member of the school community, including parents, carers, governors and staff.

Please explore the learning resources and activities below to learn more about the steps you can take to promote physical health and wellbeing.

Mentally Healthy Schools

Children’s Eating Healthier Toolkit

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Evidence suggests there are 5 steps you can take to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Each week, we will share a new idea for you to try at home (see the text in red). Although these may seem like small steps, they can help to pave the way for a happy, fulfilled life!


Research shows that social connections are closely linked with positive mental health. Having a friendly, supportive network helps us to navigate challenges and manage stress. With this in mind, try to do something different today and make a connection with someone new.

  • Today, why not go for a walk and connect with the world around you?

Be active

Physical exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health. Not only is it good for your body, but it’s also good for your brain. Physical activity is known to boost mood, energy, and self-esteem. So, let’s get moving!

Take notice

It’s easy to get swept up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and forget to prioritise our wellbeing. But studies have shown that being aware of what is taking place in the present directly enhances our mental health. Taking the time to savour the moment can help to remind us what’s really important.


Learning new things can support our wellbeing by improving our confidence, self-esteem, and sense of purpose. It’s also a great way to help us connect with others. Let’s take on the challenge to learn something new!


Research indicates that being helpful and taking an interest in others is linked with an increased sense of happiness and wellbeing. Even a small act of kindness can make a huge difference, both to your life and to someone else’s.

  • Today, why not give a compliment to someone in your house? Tell them something you think makes them special and unique.

Story time with Mr B

Storytelling is another powerful way we can support children’s mental health and wellbeing. Reading is known to help children feel relaxed and happy, whilst building connections with others.

Mr Bullivant has read some wonderful stories to be shared with children. Click the link below to have a listen.

Activities to try at home:

Click on the links below to gain access to videos that promote children’s physical health and wellbeing. Please note that some videos may contain advertisements. In no way do we endorse or promote any of the products mentioned.

Cosmic yoga

Mindfulness meditation for children

Just dance for kids

Draw with Rob

PE with Joe Wicks

Guided Relaxation

Zumba for children

Kidz Bop

Jungle exercise

Yoga for children

Free Swimming for Under 17s

This is an excellent opportunity to help children stay fit and active outside of school. Swimming has many benefits for our physical and mental health. Plus, it’s a great way to spend time with friends and have fun! Keep reading to find out how you can get involved.

“Celebrating Difference, Achieving Together”