Our Values and Ethos

“A kind and considerate school community where people’s differences are celebrated.”

Ofsted, 2023


At Alma Park Primary School, we strive to create a warm, nurturing environment in which every child can thrive. Mutual support, respect and understanding are the pillars that uphold our school community.

Our Values


“We impact positively on our lives, our community and our world”


“We are critical thinkers, proud of our differences and respecting everyone equally”


“We show kindness, compassion and friendship, working together to succeed”


“We are resilient learners with high aspirations”

Through a culture of open dialogue and collaboration, we work together to promote positive behaviour and relationships. Pupils are empowered to embrace their individual strengths, whilst supporting and taking inspiration from others. This creates a trusting environment in which every member of the school community is welcomed, respected, and valued for who they are.

Children take responsibility for their own learning, cultivating high aspirations for themselves and for their futures. They are encouraged to assist in classroom management by the careful use and maintenance of resources. Throughout the learning journey, they will encounter opportunities to negotiate and cooperate meaningfully with each other, developing as confident, compassionate and well-rounded individuals, ready to contribute positively to the world around them.

There is a School Council, which is made up of pupils who are elected to share the views of their class. This gives children the opportunity to be actively involved in improving school life for everyone. As members of the School Council, pupils will work alongside staff as partners, inspiring a sense of teamwork and belonging.

When all aspects of the above are working interdependently, the school ethos flourishes and enables every child to embrace the joy and magic of learning.