Brainbuilder Gallery





Positive comments from 2L parents and carers

  • Great to see everyone has done different things to show their interest. Very interesting.
  • Very nice to be here and enjoyed the display of children’s projects that projects their real hard work.


Positive comments from 2F parents and carers

  • Very nice for kids to be able to show mums and dads. Lovely so see all the very different things and for all the children to be very proud.


Positive comments from 3WM parents and carers

  • Great to see all the children’s work and I love the creative projects!
  • Very impressive.


Positive comments from 4B parents and carers

  • Lovely to see everyone’s work. I learnt a lot of facts about Rome. Great effort put in by all the children. Looking forward to the next one.


Positive comments from 4M parents and carers

  • Lovely to see how the children embraced this subject and the many interpretations they have come up with. Great new brain builder approach that can appeal to all learning styles.


Positive comments from 5S parents and carers

  • Brilliant work. So many creative ideas. Was great fun to do.
  • What fantastic homework the children have done and they have all worked so hard.


Positive comments from 5H parents and carers

  • It gave us an idea, an inspiration. It’s not copying but it helps to stimulate them.
  • Lovely ideas. Children can showcase what they are really proud of. You can see what they have been learning. Helps to see level of child’s work.


Positive comments from 6G parents and carers

  • Really nice to see the work in 6G from the children. It’s a good way for them to share and show off their hard work so it can be appreciated. Well done 6G!

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