Reception 2022 - 2023

Mrs Wareing

Miss Clark

Welcome to Reception!

Adults who work here:

RC - Miss Clark, Mrs Sweet 
RW - Mrs Wareing, Mrs Waugh 

Welcome to our year group page. Here you can find out what is happening in our classrooms each half term.

You can use the information below to discuss with your child what they are learning. 

Please have a look at this half term here.


This half term:


Addition - Combining sets and saying how many we now have


Comparing number within 20 

Identifying odd and even numbers 

Learn all the number bonds for each number up to 10 (and the subtraction facts to match)

More and less/fewer (including 1 more and 1 less)

Reciting numbers backwards from 20

Reciting numbers beyond 20

Looking at different patterns in movement and shapes

2D & 3D shapes  

Rotating, matching and building pictures using different shapes 


Talk for writing unit - Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell & Helen Oxenbury 

Writing purpose -

Learning the sounds that go with the letters of the alphabet Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds  

Learning Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4 Tricky Words

Hearing all the sounds in a word and writing them in the correct order

Segmenting and blending the sounds in words e.g. c-a-t = cat 

Writing simple sentences e.g. The cat is big. 

Using 'and' in the sentences we write.

Remembering and using our three sentence rules; capital letter, fingerspaces and full stop

- Down on the Farm 

We will be learning all about farms and what happens on them. We will talk about different animals that live on farms and learn about how different food is grown. We will be visiting a farm during week 1 of our Summer half term and then writing about the things we saw there. 

We will continue to explore different feelings in our circles times. This half term we are focussing on feelings of pride and  recognising success. We will talk about our own achievements and what we have accomplished that has made us proud. We will also talk about how other people feel when they do something good and how that can make us feel.  

We will look at changes in the world around us as spring moves into summer. We will be investigating our school grounds and looking for signs of summer. We will start to see more flowers and the leaves on the trees will be fully gorwn. This half term we will be putting carrot tops and garlic tops in water to see what happens to them and also exploring what happens when we put celery into a vase with coloured water.  



Outdoor Games -We will be working on strength, balance and coordination in our lessons. We will also explore moving energentically such as, running, jumping, dancing, hopping, skipping and climbing. Outdoor games is delivered by an external coach.

Dance - We are learning the basic movements and learning how to keep in time with music. We will continue to explore moving at different levels.

Both classes have outdoor games on Tuesday and gymnastics in the hall on Friday. 

PE kits

Outdoor Games - trainers, black shorts or tight fitting black leggings and a plain white t-shirt (track suit top and joggers if cold).

Dance and Gymnastics - black shorts or tight fitting black leggings and a plain white t-shirt.

Remember to come into school wearing your PE kit on those days.


Reading books:

In class we care currently reading stories that encouarge us to talk about our feelings and behaviour, such as-

proud of myself.jpg  

Please read with your child every day and comment in their reading record when you do. Reading books should be in school everyday for independent reading and will be changed on Friday.



Our green brain builder books are given out each Tuesday. They can be returned to school when the work is complete.

Reading Eggs - click here

A video on how to use Reading Eggs/ Eggspress is


Please email if you have any questions.


Please have a look at our videos and information below:


Little Wandle - Phase 2 sounds taught in Reception Autumn 1 - Click Here 

Little Wandle - Phase 2 sounds taught in Reception Autumn 2 - Click Here 

Little Wandle - Phase 3 sounds taught in Reception Spring 1 - Click Here 

Please review the Phase 2 and Phase 3 videos from Spring 2 - Summer 2 so that your child can consolidate their learning.

Little Wandle - Tricky Words - Reception- Autumn Term - Click Here 

Little Wandle - Tricky Words - Reception- Spring Term - Click Here 

Little Wandle - Tricky Words - Reception- Summer Term - Click Here


Little Wandle - How we blend to read words Video- Click Here

Little Wandle - How we teach tricky words - Click Here 

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