Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation

The National Curriculum 2014 has a renewed focus on the formal teaching of English grammar.  You will see that your children are being taught grammatical terminology right across school.  Describing words are taught as adjectives, doing words as verbs etc

For many of you this will be a joint learning journey, which may provide some challenges. On this page you will find some links to activities online and some information booklets for you to download and use at home with your children.

We have been amazed at how quickly the children have picked up the terminology and knowledge of how to use certain words so do not be surprised if your children start using 'grammar speak'!!

KS2 grammar activities - also has lots of other resources for other subjects. Crickweb has lots of grammar games as well as maths games. A wide range of grammar based activities.
Games to pactise grammar knowledge. SATS type revision questions linked to English and maths. KS1 grammar and word based activities.
Wide range of grammar and word based activities. Fun looking activities but a lot of reading required. Woodlands school have put together a range of grammar, spelling and punctuation links.  Thank you!


The documents below will also help you:

“Achievement Partnership Success”