French - KS1

French - KS1

Inspire a love of language in your younger learners!

The aim is to deliver a series of lessons around the theme or topic of a story, a song or a poem. A foundation of fun in learning for foreign language work will be set down before the more linear, building programme within Key Stage 11. Language met will be transferable to later settings as pupils’ knowledge matures, because it is language in context.

Components are to be revisited throughout Key Stage 1 to embed and revive the language, to revisit the fun of language and to provide continuous learning.

Please email me if you have any questions or if you want me to have a look at your french homework:

Merci Madame Lié 

home learning: 

Every week, the lesson will start with La routine Française - the french routine and then we will learn or revise a topic, the french routine look like this : 

- the french conversation please click here : bonjour song or bonjour comment ça va ?

- the numbers 1 to 10 please click here:  revise the numbers 

- les couleurs, click here: revise the colours or léon le caméléon 

- Jacques à dit, click to the link below-called classroom phrases to practise the orders.

Year 1 and Year 2 week 22.02.2021:

- La routine française: the french routine.

- Lesson: To find out our Lesson click on the link below called on KS1-Lesson.

- Activity: to print your activity, click on the link below called Year 1-2PDF.

- home activity: If you want to make your own mask at home click here 


Year 1 and Year 3 week 01.03.2021:

- La routine française - the French routine.
- Lesson: This week we will build the french skills through a book called " le caméléon Méli-Mélo", click on the video below called Year1-2Lesson.
- Activity: to print your activity, click on the link below called lecameleonPDF.
- Youtube: You can have a look here to watch real caméléon, click here.



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