Easter Homework

Your child has brought a copy of the 2017 SATs home to complete over Easter. The children can complete these like they would do in school (a complete test in one sitting) or you can break the text up for them (do 20 questions then break). 

The children are supposed to have the following times to complete each test:

Reading - 60 minutes

Maths Arithmetic - 30 minutes

Maths Reasoning 2 and 3 - 40 minutes

Grammar and Punctutaion - 45 minutes

There is no expectation for the children to be timed to complete the tests.


Please find below the mark schemes for the 2017 SATs which we have set for homework over Easter.


You can mark the children's work with them and support with them any corrections. Once you have done this, you can see on the scaled score document what that mark would have got them if they had been sitting the SATs at that time. The children are aiming to get a scaled score of 100. Please be aware the Spelling and Punctuation scores will not match up as we have not sent the spelling paper home with the children, just the grammar and punctuation test.


The children are expected to bring the completed tests back to school with them on Tuesday 19th April.

“Achievement Partnership Success”