Digital Safety

Download our E-Safety Policy below.

Digital Safety Officers in school:
Mr D Bullivant

We love ICT at Alma Park and pride ourselves on knowing how to stay safe when using computers and other ICT devices. We also want to help parents and carers to ensure children are E-Safe at home. Below are a letter and information sheet about video game ratings.

We are looking for accreditation for the 360 E-Safely Mark. We have already achieved two cerificates (see below).

In school we filter the websites available to children and only use search sites such as Google under adult supervision. We may use video from YouTube to enhance aspects of teaching but children may not use sites such as this without direct supervision.

We talk to the children about staying safe online and what potential dangers may be.

The sites below provide lots of information for parents and carers with concerns.

Also please feel free to speak to Mr Bullivant (Year 2) at school regarding any questions you might have.

CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre) run a great website called THINK U KNOW, split into different parts.

Parents of Reception children look here.
Year 1 and 2 children look here.
Year 3 and above look here.
Parents and carers look here


  • NSPCC Net Aware web site here
  • NSPCC help about online bullying here
  • Download Alma Park E-Saftey policy here
  • Fact sheet on inappropriate YouTube clips here
  • Fact Sheet on the app TikTok here
  • Advice about young people sharing images online here
  • Information about jargon busting terms and conditions here and here
  • Internet safety tips from Moshi Monsters website here
  • ENISA 'Children on virtual worlds' booklet here (2008)
  • Keeping safe on Minecraft here
  • Information about Snapchat here  and here

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