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Our friends in France

Date: 28th Apr 2020 @ 10:39am

Bonjour à tous, 

Yesterday I got a lovely email from our link school in France. Our French friends are all doing well and everyone is safe and healthy. They have to stay home too, just like us. Mme. Vilotte has shared our Alma Park Primary School well-being webpage with her class via email. I am sure that they will be happy to see us. Mme. Vilotte also shared some photographs of her house, her apple orchard and her pets. She has two dogs, 3 horses and a pony. Wow! I have put the photos below so that you can have a look at them.

If you would like to say hello to our French friends perheps you could make a nice picture to share on the well-being webpage that says Bonjour or another French phrase. I am sure that Mme. Vilotte and her pupils would love to see them from 1C and 3F. I know that you will all be missing Mme. Lie and her brilliant French lessons too. Perhaps you could be Mme. Lie for the day, teach your family some French and then you could make a picture together. 

Stay safe and healthy, 

Mme. Clark 

Alma Park Primary School

Errwood Road

Levenshulme, Manchester M19 2PF

T: 0161 224 8789

E: admin@almapark.manchester.sch.uk

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