School Admissions

Parents and carers who wish to register their child to attend Alma Park, can obtain information from the school office. Alma Park's admission procedures comply with Manchester City Council's policy.

All places are allocated by:

1. Exceptional social and/or medical reasons as determined by the Local Authority. 

2. Where there is an older brother or sister already at the school. 

3. Distance children live from the school (measured in a straight line between home and school).

If a place is not available for your child, you may appeal to the Local Authority for a place (see below).

Nursery Admissions

Admission to Nursery is managed by the school and application forms can be obtained from and should be returned to the school office. Children are admitted to Nursery in the September after their 3rd birthday and places are allocated in the May/June, prior to admission.

Reception Admissions

Admission to Reception is managed by Manchester City Council. Full details of how to apply for a Reception place can be found on the Manchester City Council Website (click here). Children are admitted to Reception in the September after their 4th birthday and applications are made in the Autumn term prior to admission.

Admission at Other Times

Admission to Alma Park, other than at the start of Nursery, is managed by Manchester City Counci. Applications are made by completing the In-Year Application Form (click here). If the school is unable to offer a place, then your child will be placed on a waiting list. The waiting list is managed by Manchester City Council.

Appeals Process

The appeals process for children in Reception to Year 6 is managed by Manchester City Council. Please refer to their website for more information. (click here). You cannot appeal for a Nursery place.

Manchester School Admissions can be contacted on 0161 245 7166 or by visiting the Manchester City Councils admissions website.


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