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We are very proud to announce that we are the FIRST school in Manchester to receive the Peace Mala accreditation.


All of the work that we continue to do around environmental and international awareness has helped us to be successful in this venture.


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The Peace Mala started in a classroom in Llanelli, Wales by a teacher called Pam Evans.

She realised that something had to be done to combat the racism, religious intolerance, ignorance and lack of respect shown to certain members of society. Pam thought of something simple but effective that would engage the minds of young people; a symbolic bracelet, loaded with messages, that would be fun to make and wear.

Peace Malas are worn with pride and knowledge that it represents friendship, respect and peace between the faiths and all people in our world.

Today Peace Mala is an award winning, non-political, non-religious charitable organisation that does not support any political party, movement or belief system over any other.

The aim is to contribute to education for global citizenship by inviting all people to treat each other with respect regardless of race, colour, religion, gender, sexuality, size, age or ability. The Peace Mala’s compassionate wish is for people, animals and the environment to be at peace.


childrens hands wearing peace malas

Peace Mala bracelets

A Peace Mala is a symbolic bracelet that focuses on a Golden Rule. It promotes friendship, respect and peace between people of all faiths and none; all cultures and lifestyles. Its intention is to educate and remind everyone that this rule is recognised by many scholars, teachers and philosophers. It is also universal to all compassionate faiths. Simply stated, it is:

"Treat others as you would wish them to treat you."

This is the central message of the Peace Mala bracelet. Its intention is to cut through all forms of prejudice, to confront bullying and to celebrate what makes us different from each other. Fourteen spiritual traditions, along with their individual versions of the Golden Rule, are represented on the bracelet.

Peace Mala stands for total compassion for all beings without exception, and does not take sides with anyone against anyone else. It is a vision for the future. Wearing the Peace Mala is a promise to help create a better world.


The idea fits perfectly with our ethos at Alma Park.


In 2010 Ms Samuels visited the Peace Mala Conference at Gorton Monastery with our then head boy and girl. On their return to school they had discussions with various members of staff and Mrs Hayes agreed to introduce the message of Peace Mala to her class at the time (year 3). The Year 3 children made bracelets, wrote poems, organised an assembly, invited in visitors from various faiths and non faiths, and were all extremely enthusiastic. We feel that we have done so much work at Alma Park that supports the Peace Mala message,that it is now the right time to spread the message throughout the whole school community.  We hope that in the future, all members of the Alma Park community will wear a Peace Mala bracelet with pride.

Peace Mala Updates

Some of the things that we continue to do that support the Peace Mala message include:

  • Visits & visitors
  • Year 3 lessons and bracelet making
  • Peace Mala certificates weekly
  • RE lessons
  • Sportsmanship actively taught
  • Peace Mala wall (planned update for 2020)
  • ABC / PALs
  • School / Class council
  • Singing assemblies
  • Celebration days
  • Theme days
  • Remembrance Sunday choir at St. Peters (which is now yearly)
  • Charity fund-raising - sale of Poppies in school including white peace poppy
  • Red Nose, Children in Need, etc
  • PSHE lessons - Caring for ourselves and others
  • LGBT lessons - Acceptance and tolerance
  • Year 4 Carol Singing at  old peoples home (wider community)
  • Community Carol singing in the gardens


Find out more about Peace Mala here

If you would like more information, please see Ms Samuels in school. 

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