How We Teach Maths - Implementation

  • We have developed our own long-term plans, based on the National Curriculum outcomes for each year group (see Year Group Expected Outcomes), which are delivered through daily Maths lessons.
  • Based on the Mastery Approach (see Maths Mastery), lessons are carefully sequenced around the CPA Approach and learning is scaffolded in order to support and embed understanding for all children.
  • A range of Concrete Materials, (see CPA Approach) including number beads, Numicon, Dienes, ten frames, place value counters, multilink and Cuisenaire are used to support children’s Mathematical understanding through the use of practical opportunities to model concepts. Pictorial representation (see CPA Approach) are used alongside these materials and include slides from our Visual Calculations Policy (see page)
  • Vocabulary is used in context to help children develop a real understanding of Mathematical language.       
  • ICT is used to support learning in a variety of ways: through interactive presentations and games/songs and online learning platforms such as Mathletics at KS2. (see Learning Zone under Parents/Carers Tab)
  • Opportunities for children to discuss, to use and apply skills, to problem solve and reason, form the basis of our teaching. These activities present a level of challenge for children who are encouraged to develop skills such as resilience, perseverance, trial and error and a ‘can do’ attitude. (see Maths Mastery page)
  • Daily on-going assessment of learning supports immediate feedback to children and opportunities address misconceptions and identify and correct mistakes within a lesson. (see Feedback/Marking in Maths page)
  • Daily 4-a-day (see 4-a-Day page) for children in Yr1 to Yr6 is used to provide regular opportunities to practice, apply and consolidate number strategies for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication which they have already learnt.
  • Regular games, songs, activities and opportunities for counting in steps and times tables (see counting/times tables page) are used to support children to learn these skills and facts, alongside our weekly speed grids and x tables badge challenges.
  • Opportunites for our families to support at home (see support at home page) with links for this found on our Learning Zone (see under parents/carers tab) weekly and half termly Brainbuilder and workshops (see under parents/carers tab) with ideas for activites and games.
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