Hearing Impaired Provision

Since 1994 Alma Park Primary School has included deaf children as part of the school community.

The school has a Special Resource Base for deaf pupils. All these pupils are taught through a combination of spoken English and Sign Language by staff working for Manchester’s Sensory Service.

The deaf pupils spend some of the time in class with hearing children. They are also taught in small groups and individually in a new, purpose built resource base. The level of integration varies from pupil to pupil, depending on the child’s communication and educational needs.

Pupils throughout the school, both deaf and hearing, are encouraged to value sign language as a community language. We provide the children with a range of experiences such as Theatre Workshops and Sports activities so they have the opportunity to meet and work with deaf adults and peers.

Pupils with special needs have a basic right to a mainstream education and the increased opportunity for social interaction with their peers that this brings.

Mainstream participation allows everybody the opportunity to learn to understand the diversity of human ability, without prejudice.

“Achievement Partnership Success”