This 8-day course forms part of an Erasmus+ funded project that our school is taking part in. Alma Park staff participation will impact not only on individuals skills and confidence but on the foreign language provision across the  school

Below is a list of areas we will be preparing.

Erasmus+ Project objectives and expectations • Preparing pupils and colleagues

  • British Council documentation: 
    1. Europass Language Passport
    2. Learning Agreements (BC call these Mobility Agreements)
    3. Quality Assurance 
    4. Participant Surveys
  • Linguistic preparation
  • Networking (the group)
  • Building links (the French school)



Letter from France 18 June 2020

Bonjour à tous,

Our friends in France have written back to us. They have enjoyed looking at our school website and were amazed by the wonderful pictures on the Well-Being and class pages. Their headteacher, Mme. Cabos, loved seeing all the hard work you have been doing and was very impressed. She wanted me to share the L'ecole de Fontenilles school website with you all so that you can have a look at what the children in France have been doing.

They have not been using their website during the lockdown. The teachers have been emailing families directly but she has told me that there is work that the children completed earlier in the school year and photos for you to see. I hope that you enjoy having a look. 

Mme. Cabos also shared some lessons that she has been offereing to her pupils. Have a look at the website and see if there is anything you would like to try. If you are in Key Stage 2 set yourself and challenge and see what you can read and understand. Miss Lie has taught you well so use the French you have leart to find out what the children in Frane are doing.

Miss Clark


“Achievement Partnership Success”