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*Notice for Reception children starting in Year 1 in September. *

Please watch the 'Reception to Year 1' presentation video at the bottom of the page. 


We are looking forward to welcoming some children back to school from the 16th June. We will still continue to provide home learning actitivites each week for everyone at home to access. 

Working with children at home

Please find below the work set for your children to do during the school closure. The work that we have provided is optional for you to complete. Each week we will put a new set of work on the school website for you to access and download. All of the work that has been set so far during the closure can be found on our Google Drive. To go to the Google Drive  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DW5L6IRuRCyym32aZoN42eAUvHkYFcdc

We love to receive emails and photographs about what your children have been up to at home. We are also here if you would like to email us with any questions you might have about your child’s learning. You can contact us on the reception email,  reception@almapark.manchester.sch.uk

All of the resources that we are providing you with do not require a printer. You can complete the work on the computer or use a piece of paper to write them out.
If you are using a mobile phone to access the work sent, then you will need to get the work from the Google Drive, click HERE

We would also like to remind you that the children can access a fantastic reading programme called ‘Reading Eggs’  HERE  


Maths at home: 

Please have a look at the fantastic resources that white rose have to offer online. They produce lessons each week related to a story. 


Week beginning 13th July

Please find this weeks work at the bottom of the page to download in a zip folder or click HERE to access google drive



Look at your story map from last week and write the beginning of your story with the changes to the weather and toy.

E.g. Once upon a stormy morning Ned and dragon looked out the window through the gloomy grey.   


Look at your work from yesterday and your story map. Can you write about the ways the children wished they could travel through the storm to see each other. E.g. Ned and rabbit dreamed about how they could hop over enchanted mushrooms to meet their friends. Olive and owl wished that they could ride a magical unicorn across the stormy sky.


Write a new ending for your story. Look at your story map

E.g. Finally the storm had settled and the friends got to play. They enjoyed laughing and jumping in the puddles together.



Can you make a booklet about your time in Reception?

Page 1: Your friends –draw pictures of your friends and add labels

Page 2: Your favourite subject – write a sentence about your favourite subject. E.g., I like music because it is fun.

Page 3: Your favourite memories of Reception. E.g., I liked it when the fire engine came to visit us. I liked meeting the birds of prey.

Page 4: The things you will miss the most. E.g., I will miss playing outside on the bikes.

Page 5: Things that you want to get better at. E.g., I want to get better at dancing.

It’s the last week of school. We have finally made it to the end of the year. Children will have mixed emotions about leaving Reception and starting Year 1. It is important that you talk to your child about the transition from Reception to Year 1. There is a story in this week’s learning folder (The cautious caterpillar) which is about transition. Read the story and discuss with your child about their thoughts and feelings about starting Year 1.


This week’s maths activities are linked to the stories ‘The dinosaur that pooped a planet & The dinosaur that pooped the past’. You can listen to the stories on these link.



You can download each daily task in our home learning folder. There is also a video clip which talks about the daily lesson on this link https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/early-years/

Monday – Day 1: shape and numbers to 20

Tuesday - Day 2: exploring patterns

Wednesday - Day 3:  adding more

Thursday – Day 4: sharing

Friday – Day 5: sorting into sets

Physical Education

Yoga Time - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4CaR0syf1g


On the website below there are lots of songs to learn and sing at home.



In this week’s folder you will find various creative tasks for you to have a go at.

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